Custom Car Painting


Today is a very popular new technology of painting the car a polymer composite. This car painting business consists of providing services to paint the car a solid flexible polymeric composite. Car painting executed by technology of the Swiss company DEMPINOX (http://dempinox.com) with a palette of more than 55 colors and shades. Unlike competitors, paint 100% polymer and contains no bitumen and tar. This has a positive effect on the durability of the coating. As practice shows, the automotive theme is always profitable, especially when the economy is in a difficult situation and people instead of buying a new car repair and tuning old. Our idea is unique and is not included in the standard list of services for maintenance vehicles. This automatically makes your business unique niche in the market and a potential customer for the painting will appeal directly to you. The proposed activity does not require large expenditures and investments. You can paint the car in any heat and dust-free environment. In calm weather, you can paint the car on the street.

Target Audience

People who want to add brightness to your car, while protecting native paint from chips and scratches. Especially covering in demand by hunters, street racers and other fans of showy cars.

Why Composite Better Than Usual Paint?

The main advantage is the ease and simplicity of the coating.

The process does not need a special painting chamber!

Protection from scratches.

Coverage is revolutionary.

Business has a long-time perspective of development.

Demand for services is growing from year to year – it is a proof of unique services and its relevance. In Europe, this method of staining has already won the hearts of many car lovers.

The Main Advantages of Dempinox

Huge selection of colors and shades;

provides reliable protection of the body;

the ability to protect and decorate wheels;

protects the body from overheating in the summer;

is applied in liquid form using a conventional spray gun;

4 hours freezes and you can use the car.

If desired, even after 10 years of using polymer composite film can be completely removed without damaging the native factory coating. You return native radiant glow paint of your car without scratches and chips, which increases the cost of the car in the sale.

Scratches formed due to small accidents easily could be repaired with a local touch-up of the spray. This is also a way to get additional income.


What You Need for The 

Realization Car Painting 

Business Ideas Into Reality?

Room for Painting Cars

Is enough the usual garage box. During the summer, you can paint the car at outdoor pre-closing its walls are made of polyethylene with windy side.


Does not require professional equipment, enough electric gun marked HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) type WAGNER W560 approximate cost of $100.

The Material

Paint in liquid form. This composite structure which within 12 hours after the last layer converted into a solid protective film. As you can see, the necessary material resources accessible even to novice businessmen.

The main costs are directly related to the purchase of the composite Dempinox. This is not to worry, as these costs are compensated after the order.


Coating Technology

Painting process does not require much effort and painting skills. The main things – do not rush and do everything smoothly.

Take the spray gun and by fixing the hand, pulls the trigger sprayer.

After spraying paint on the desired area release the trigger and give a dry layer.

Sprayed the next layer.

Continue in the same sequence uniformly sprayed over the entire surface of the car until complete consumption of the planned volume of paint.

Leave to dry 12 hours after spraying the last layer.

Enjoy the new look of the car.

How Much Can You Make 

Money On It?

For example, for painting Mazda 3 requires approximately 10 liters of the composite. Retail value of this quantity of composite equals $220 (for dealers and wholesale customers a flexible system of discounts). Recommended service cost $ 500 for painting the entire car. $ 550 – $ 220 (composite) – $ 10 (film and masking tape) – $ 15 (rent a sprayer WAGNER W560) – $ 15 (for rent garage) = $ 285 NET PROFIT One car can be painted in one day. Painting polymer composite in comparison with other methods of painting boasts a minimum period of preparation. Does not require disassembly and preparation for full car requires 1.5 hours. Let us assume that a week without much effort you paint on average 2 cars: 2 cars * 4 weeks * $ 285 = $ 2280 per month and this is not the limit! Wrapping film body of the car would cost, in the amount equivalent to two thousand dollars. About the price of painting and varnishing in a special chamber better to remain silent, this painting is very expensive.


Search Orders

As in other types of business, success is largely determined by the size of the customer base. Due to the novelty of services in our country, it is the first time will cause a feeling of mistrust on the part of potential customers. What to do? To attract customers, you can take advantage of a proven trick. Invite your friends to paint their cars at a cost of paint that will be consumed. If you have a private car, also paint your car. You’d be surprised how many curious motorists every day (and not only) will study your vehicle. Do not hesitate to start a conversation with them, offering the services of painting. First, you can start offering services for painting wheels. 10 liters of composite needed to paint wheels of ten cars and most importantly, these customers come back to you for painting the entire car. In the nearest future as the practice of foreign businessmen, the demand for your service will reach such a level that you have to expand your business. Accordingly, increase your income. Go ahead novices and professionals; it is your business idea!

Laydown technology

As usual, car painting starts with the preparation of the premises (there should nothing unnecessary in it, especially there should be no dust). If you can afford financially, you can rent an ink chamber, if it is not possible you can choose a more affordable option and construct a similarity of a camera with polyethylene film, but none of the options allows dust and dirt in the working area. It is also desirable to comply with temperature regime: the most suitable room temperature is equal to about + 18-22 degrees, the minimum temperature suitable for applying liquid polymer rubbery composite is equal to 16 degrees. At higher temperature drying may happen faster and the next layer is applied on the over dried prior one that may affect the integrity of finished surfaces on the reason of differently directed tension in his depth.


This is also the reason before painting with Dempinox necessary not only wash machine thoroughly, especially those parts which are planned to be painted, but to dry it thoroughly, too ‒ either using compressed air with compressor or, which is better ‒ using the mounting dryer. The peculiarity composite polymer is that it does can not be applied on wet areas and does not stich to them, because there will be bubbles on the final cover. So it is necessary to dry not only large even surfaces where such defects are the most visible, but also not very visible and hard to reach areas - around side blinkers, under door handles, at the junction of the seals, and so on. If you plan to paint and the inside of the doorway, it should be also thoroughly washed, dried and degrease. Everything that needs to be painted must be closed somehow: doorway should be covered on the inside with the film, windows should be closed with paper, radiator grill, wheels, wipers ‒ all those areas that will not be colored should somehow protected, in case you can not remove them. Glass should be protected separately: the middle of the glass should be covered and the edges adjacent to the area of the painted surface of the width bout 0.5 cm can be left uncovered. Due to the properties of Dempinox, glass painting is not essential, excess coating on the glass can be easily removed mechanically. The same concerns chrome parts - moldings, emblems – they too may be not covered. When everything is protected, plastered, one should thoroughly degrease the surface that will be coated with the special degreaser Dempinox.

Preparing polymer composite paint Dempinox.

Due to elaborate packaging of Dempinox auto painting becomes more convenient. There is no need to make improvised tools in order to measure with it the viscosity of the each subsequent portions of diluted paint or solvent. Simply mix the paint Dempinox for few minutes with mixer drill on low or medium speed, then drain through a sieve with the filtering capacity of 125-190 microns to the spray gun. Due the quality mixing no pigment sediment remains at the bottom. In fact, the laws of physics has not been canceled that is why the pigment will try to subside. That why every time before filling the container of the spray gun with paint it is necessary to re-mix it with a mixer or a shovel, and then, without delay, to start working with the spray gun. We should remember that Dempinox is a light concentrate and can be diluted, if necessary, up to 25% with a brand solvent. Do not try to save diluting I at the proportion 1: 1 in order to get more paint at a lower cost. At this dilution concentration the amount of pigment in Dempinox will be much lower, reducing its uniform distribution over the surface and all savings will be leveled out with the necessity of applying more layers. The quality of the painting eventually becomes worse, and it will cost even much more! The consistency of the finished paint was set in such a way that the polymerization takes place optimally in duration and with a balanced chemical composition. Adding a more then 25% paint solvent, we artificially shift this balance, and every time it happens a little bit differently - because we do not have precise dosing, the production equipped with. So it makes sense to follow the manufacturer’s recommended recipes, which were carefully calculated and tested many times.


Painting a car with a spray (also known as a spray gun). Experts recommend to use comfortable and functional spray gun Earlex 2900 or purchase a simple one - Wagner W550, which is sold everywhere. One can use an ordinary compressor for this purpose, but in this case it is necessary a HVLP gun Painter with a nozzle size from 1.5 to 2.0 mm (preferably close to the middle of the range, for example, 1.8). The paint should not be saved, set the material consumption at the maximum rate, but the air flow should be adjusted in such a way that from a distance of 15-30 cm to the surface should be covered not with the colorful dust, but with noticeable drops of the material. It means that the pressure at the gauge of the paint gun should be within 1-1,5 bar, the angle of the application - average, the hose that is responsible for the air supply to the gun must have inner hole of the diameter not less then 10 mm. The best quality is gained when 1 liter of the substance is applied per1 square meter, the application must consist of thin layers with the transparency of each layer equal approximately to 25-30%, so do not just try to smear the whole car with a thick layer. In this case, it is difficult to control the uniformity of color application, and the result is likely to disappoint you. When applying thin layers of Dempinox, the colors will vary more smoothly and predictably. Thus, although the best and the most saving option is to paint the car in the native color, using Dempinox the car really can be completely repainted in a different color. The quantity of layers of paint that are required require depends on the desired color and original color. For example black can be repainted in yellow, but one should first apply some substrate one or two layers of white or light gray, and 6 (six) layers of yellow. This, of course, will enlarge the cost of paint in general, but the result will be much more effective - the dark past through will not shine through a sunny color.

Some information about the procedure.

As always and everywhere, we should paint from top downward, that means one should start with the roof. The layers are made fine and as uniform as possible, each should be dried so it takes 10-15 minutes between applications. In fact, the process goes continuously when you reach the last detail, just go back to the first one and cover it with a subsequent layer. So the six-layer cover of the whole car takes approximately 1.5-2 hours.

The last layer must dry for at least 1 hour, then you can remove protection from the other surfaces.


In order to achieve a smooth and silky surface the last layer of paint should be dried not less then about six hours and then one should cover the entire surface of the car (on the verge of overflow and water stains) with the composite Dempinox to reach wet shine and leave it to dry for 1 hour. After that you can at last remove the paint from the car lights, glass and other outdoor machinery.

The paint is completely dry in 24 hours, but still within 7 days it will continue to gain strength and polymerization.

As a result of painting with polymer composite coating Dempinox the gets car firm coating that protects it from scratches, chips, corrosive chemicals and also has an impressive appearance and pleasant for touch matte velvety surface

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