Introducing you Dempinox Elektra, is a unique isolation of the 21st century.

We proudly present you our revolutionary invention. DEMPINOX ELEKTRA. Our composite insulator has many advantages. Tell you about the main. Dempinox Elektra is a blend of new technologies and high-quality composite that can withstand up to 14,000 V / m. Protects against salt, chemicals, water, air, acids. ELEKTRA cans isolated surface than greatly increases the reliability and life of the contact.

The greatest advantage of our product is the procedure for its application. We do not need to cut the cable for repair . Simply applied over the affected area , and get the factory quality cable, with minimal time and effort.

Take for example the installation of sockets in the house . Electric can wring all contacts, then , go and immerse completely exposed wires in DEMPINOX ELEKTRA. spending 20 minutes on all our master quality Insulate all connections in the house , what with any other insulating means gone much longer.

Conclusion : DEMPINOX is the speed , reliability and quality of electrical insulation.

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