Antigravel - innovative material able to win the heart of any motorist

Apply! Protect! Drive! Remove!

Apply directly on the road, wait 5 minutes and don't think about the integrity of the coating.

  1. Durable protection against scratches and chips.
  2. Reliable protection against sticking of insects.
  3. Maximum adhesion on any surface
  4. Maximum protection against metal corrosion
  5. Dries quickly gives a durable coating
  6. Can be easily removed in one piece.

Dempinox Antigravel – a revolutionary development. Liquid cover  - a reliable protection of your car. Now it is easier, than ever, to create a strong protective film on any surface of your car. Revolutionary formula! It doesn't require polishing and keeps strong on any material: metal, wood, plastic, laminate, chrome, ideally applies on difficult surfaces. Does not require priming of the surface, the primer material is added directly in the paint composition, the result is corrosion-resistant surface, which provides many years of protection and productivity. You do not want to spend time and money on polishing from stubborn insects and brushing chips formed after long trips on country tracks and dirt roads. There is a solution - Dempinox  Antigravel. There is nothing easier:

Open a jar before or during a distant trip

Apply a liquid cover on protected parts with a brush

Wait 5 minutes while the composite will dry up

Remove without any effort when protection will be unnecessary

Easier, quicker and more reliable to work with Dempinox company materials. 


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