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In this section we will try to review all most frequently asked questions related to application and use of Dempinox polymer composite. In case you did not find the answer to your question here, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form on site, and our specialists will assist you as soon as possible.


What is Dempinox Composite?

Dempinox Composite is a liquid polymer supplied in metal cans of 20l, 10l, and 1l, ready to apply. Sprayed with a spray gun. When cured, creates an elastic impact-resistant film that over years protects the body from chips, scratches, impacts, salt, road chemicals, ultraviolet, metal corrosion. Painting the car with the composite does not require pre-sanding the clear coat. At any time the film can be removed from the body of the car, returning its original appearance. Dempinox Composite palette has more than 90 colors, including pearl, metallic, luminescent, basic colors, magic fluorescent colors, as well as clear one. A whole car painting with composite takes one day.

Can I paint the car on my own?

Dempinox Composite is easily applied onto the car, due to its elasticity and viscosity it fixes the majority of painting mistakes. The process on painting is simple and does not require special skills, disassembling the car and pre-sanding the clear coat. Any clean dry facility with the air temperature from +20°C to +30°C is suitable. The only equipment needed is a spray gun. To paint on one’s own, both an electric spray gun, e.g., Earlex 2900, and a pressure feed HVLP or LVLP spray gun with 1.8-2.0 nozzle are suitable. Having reviewed the instructions, absolutely any car enthusiast can paint their own car themselves within 1 day, saving huge costs on painting, protection and maintenance of their car. Many car enthusiasts having practiced painting on their own car, take the cars from their clients to paint, and start to earn on painting cars with Dempinox Composite.

How long does it take to paint a car?

Preparation work, including car washing, drying, masking, minimal disassembling and degreasing, takes from 2 to 4 hours. The process of Dempinox Composite application to the car body takes about 5 hours, including flash-offs between coatings. Unmasking and re-assembling the car takes about 1 hour. Painting the car with Dempinox Composite takes up to 10 hours. The process of full polymerization and strengthening takes seven days, during which it is not recommended to pressure wash the car.

Can the Composite damage the clear coat?

Dempinox is applied onto the clear coat of the car, creating a durable elastic film which is aimed to protect the original clear coat from chips, scratches, impacts, sanding, road chemicals, effect of ultraviolet, salts, alkali, and extreme temperature swings. The composite is elastic and adheres to the car body due to tightening up, without glue, or heating. At absolutely any moment the film can be removed from the body manually, returning the car its original appearance. The clear coat is reliably preserved under the Dempinox film. Composite cannot damage the car clear coat.

Can different colors from Dempinox palette be mixed together?

Composite is produced in wide palette of more than 90 colors, but it is not uncommon when the client being aware that the coating is removable is not afraid to experiment with the car color. The specialists will mix a desired color for the client without any problem. It is very simple to do. For example, you would like a sky-blue color for which you will need blue and white colors from Dempinox Composite palette, and two medical syringes. Fill one syringe with blue composite, and the other – with white one, and then drop one cubic centimeter of each color into a clean container and mix thoroughly. Check the color obtained, in case a lighter shade is required, add one more cubic centimeter of white composite and mix thoroughly. For example, the client stops at the combination of one cubic centimeter of blue and three cubic centimeters of white, thus we have got a ratio 1:3, and transfer it to the volume required to paint the car. A medium size jeep requires 16 liters of composite, of which there are four liters of blue and twelve liters of white. Mix in a clean container and thoroughly stir with a mixer. The color is ready to apply. It is also recommended to save 300g of the material in case fixing up of the film is required, for a complete color match.

How much Dempinox Composite is required per one car?

To create a reliable impact-resistant film, it is required to apply one liter of composite per one square meter of the car body. Below you will find an average consumption of Dempinox Composite for the main vehicle classes.

A class 6 liters

B class 8 liters

С class 10 liters

D сlass 12 liters

E class 15 liters

F class 18 liters

SUV class 20 liters

Wheels(4 items)

R13 – R15 1 liter

R16 – R18 1.5 liter

R19 – R20 2 liters

R21 – R23 2.5 liters

How can a smooth surface be achieved?

How does an orange-peel effect appear?

Composite is discharged from the spray gun as very small drops traveling through the 20 cm distance to the body where they should smoothly spread adhering to the previously applied material. If the spray gun is held more than 20 cm apart from the body, the drops will dry a little on their way to the body and will be unable to spread completely, creating small specks on the surface of the film. Same thing happens when the air temperature is too high. Solution exists – it is necessary to add to composite 20% of Dempinox brand solvent increasing drying time. The drops will spread right and become even with the film. Applying each coat, make sure the preceding has completely dried. If you don’t, the new coat with the air pressure will create micro-craters in the still soft preceding coat. Try not to pour material over the body, it is better to make many thin coats than a few almost runny ones. Give each coat not less than half an hour to dry. There is a painting phenomenon called “solvent boil”, when the coat applied is too thick, and the solvent is trapped inside and evaporates slowly, leaving tiny craters that will further create a shagreen effect on the finished surface.

The structure of the film depends upon a few factors.

- Recommended temperature for painting is +26°C.

- The distance from the spray gun to the body is 20 cm, the spray gun should be held at the angle of 90 degrees to the painted surface.

- It is recommended to apply thin coats and let each one dry for not less than 20 minutes.

- To obtain a smooth surface, composite should be thinned with Dempinox brand solvent.

What spray gun should be chosen?

There are two types of spray guns suitable to apply Dempinox Composite.

The first one is more of cost-saving, it is an electric spray gun, e.g., Earlex 2900 with 2.0 nozzle. It includes a compressor and a spray gun, operates when plugged into an A/C socket. It is suitable to paint your car on your own, or to start a business on painting cars with composite. Choosing an electric spray gun, it is important to pay attention to the operating parts of the device. The needle and nozzle should be made of metal, which will provide for a long and reliable work of the spray gun.

The other type of the spray guns is a pressure feed spray gun. It is a professional device, more reliable and serviceable. To operate, a pressure feed spray gun requires an air compressor with oil water separator and air pressure regulator. Specialists choose LVLP and HVLP pressure feed spray guns with 1.8-2.0 nozzle and upper tank. Air pressure on the regulator is set to 2 bars.

For reliable work of equipment, after each painting job a spray gun should be disassembled and thoroughly cleaned in solvent.

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