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Fishing, hunting, tourism, travels, offroad festivals – there are lots of ways to destroy the clear coat on your jeep exposing the body to corrosion and rust. Tree branches, rocks, mud, and sand are all the weapons targeting the integrity of the body of your off-roader. There is no elixir of life, but there is a body armor in the form of Dempinox composite polymer elastic film. The composite is applied in a liquid form, taking any body shape, when dried it transforms into an antigravel armor film, resistant to impacts, chips, scratches, temperature swings, ultraviolet effect, moisture, oxygen, salts, alkalis, and acids. Complete painting and protection of an off-road vehicle takes one day.

Dempinox composite is widely used in protection and improvement of canvas canopies on the off-road vehicles. The composite protects the canopy from fading, loss of elasticity and further destruction, deeply saturating the fabric, Dempinox rubberizes the canopy, improving its hydrophobic properties. With Dempinox, canvas canopy becomes completely waterproof. In addition to waterproofing, you can change the color of the canvas roof to any one presented in Dempinox palette.

Corrosion of aluminum, which many off-road vehicle’s parts are made of, is a constant problem with modern road chemicals. Automobile manufacturers try to protect aluminum with lacquer coat, but all in vain, over two-three years of use the oxidization spots bump the lacquer coat starting the process of aluminum destruction. Alloy wheels, winch bumper guards, heavy duty aluminum bumpers, fixtures and locks, expedition roof rack, aluminum body LED lights are at risk. Dempinox polymer composite reliably protects aluminum parts from damage and corrosion.

The process of painting an off-road vehicle with Dempinox composite:

Thoroughly wash the car with washing agents, blow the water out of all the nooks;

When the car is dry, it should be degreased, and tar should be removed;

Mask with paper all the elements not intended to be painted, such as glasses, lamps, stripping;

The amount of the material is calculated according to the formula: one liter per one square meter of the body;

Apply Dempinox composite in coatings, one by one, the drying time between coats is twenty minutes;

Masking paper is removed immediately after the final coat is applied;

After application it is recommended to let the material dry for 5 hours before use, complete polymerization of composite takes 7 days.