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In this section we will try to review all most frequently asked questions related to application and use of Dempinox Aqua polymer coating. In case you did not find the answer to your question here, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form on site, and our specialists will assist you as soon as possible.


What is Dempinox Aqua?

Dempinox Aqua is a liquid polymer coating supplied in metal cans of 200l, 20l, 10l and 1l, the material is ready to apply. Applied with a roller, a brush, or sprayed with a spray gun. Once cured, it transforms into an elastic waterproof seamless impact-resistant film that for many years reliably protects concrete, bricks, rocks, cement, asbestos cement sheets, wood, metal from exposure to water, ultraviolet rays, freezing, extreme temperature swings, salts, alkali, rust and corrosion. Dempinox Aqua palette has more than 90 colors, including pearl, metallic, luminescent, basic colors, magic fluorescent colors, as well as clear one. It is widely used in waterproofing and decorating swimming pools, swimming ponds, man-made lakes; roofs; brick, rock and concrete walls and foundations, wooden structures.

What is the durability of Aqua?

Aqua polymer coating serviceability exceeds 15 years, preserving elasticity, durability and protective properties over all the time. Its serviceability is directly dependent on the amount of material applied to a square meter, adhering strictly to the instructions on application and use of the polymer film. An option to easily fix and renovate the film applying a new coat promotes rising its serviceability up to 25 years.

Can I paint my pool on my own?

Yes, you can! Dempinox Aqua is so technical and simple in application, that in order to create a durable seamless waterproof coating in the pool of absolutely any shape you will need a roller, an instruction, one material and one day!

I use strong cleaning chemicals in the pool due to which there appeared stains on the liner. Is Aqua susceptible to pool chemicals?

Aqua is a polymer elastic seamless film absolutely resistant to ultraviolet rays, salts, alkali, and acids. The film in the pool does not fade or crack, preserves elasticity and durability for more than 15 years, withstands extreme temperature swings of more than 100°C without issue, preserving all properties of a protective coating.

Can different colors from Aqua palette be mixed together?

Aqua is produced in wide palette of more than 90 colors, but it is not uncommon when the client is not afraid to experiment with the color. The specialists will mix a desired color for the client without any problem. It is easy to do. For example, you would like a sky-blue color for which you will need blue and white colors from Dempinox Aqua palette, and two medical syringes. Fill one syringe with blue composite, and the other – with white one, and then drop one cubic centimeter of each color into a clean container and mix thoroughly. Look at the color obtained, in case a lighter shade is required, add one more cubic centimeter of white and mix thoroughly. For example, the client stops at the combination of one cubic centimeter of blue and three cubic centimeters of white, thus we have got a ratio 1:3, and transfer it to the volume required to paint an object. A medium size pool requires 80 liters of composite, of which there are 20 liters of blue and 60 liters of white. Mix in a clean container and thoroughly stir with a mixer. The color is ready to apply. It is also recommended to save a few liters of material in case fixing up of the film is required, for a complete color match.

What method to apply Aqua is best?

There are two main methods to apply Aqua to the surface:

The fastest, simple and low-cost method of Aqua application is the one with a roller or brush. Thoroughly roll the polymer onto the surface in 2-3 coats with half an hour flash-offs between coats to let them dry, if the air temperature is +16°C and above. If the air temperature is below +16°C, the flash-off between coats should be exceeded until the coat is tack-free dry. This method is perfect for large even surfaces like concrete pools or roofs.

Spray gun application is a longer and more technological process. First of all, spray gun needs electricity which is not always available near the places that require waterproofing. Second, to use a spray gun, Aqua should be thinned by about 30% with brand solvent which raises the expenses on material and time of application. Unlike a roller that is sold in every construction shop and costs $10, a spay gun will cost $100 to buy or $10 per day to lease. A huge advantage of a spray gun it that it easily and evenly paints any hard to reach spots and rough surface.

Bottom line: If you apply Aqua to a smooth surface, e.g., a concrete pool or warehouse roof, than a roller is the best way. You will quickly and at no cost waterproof any area with it. In case of rough surface, e.g., a quarry stone pool, a brick wall or clay-tiled roof, the best variant is going to be a spray gun.

Is it necessary to thin Aqua?

Aqua is supplied in metal cans, completely ready to apply, thus solvent should be added only in two cases:

The air temperature at the moment of painting is above +28°C, add 10%.

Painting with a spray gun with 2.0 – 3.0 nozzle, add 20%.

Applying Aqua to a porous surface such as concrete, brick, asbestos cement sheets, or wood, it is recommended to thin Aqua 2-fold and apply a primary coating. It will penetrate deeply, strengthen adhesion to the surface, and provide a more reliable protection.

What spray gun should be chosen?

There are two types of spray guns suitable to apply Dempinox Aqua.

The first one is more cost-saving and practical, it is an electric spray gun, e.g., Earlex 2900 with 2.0 or 3.0 nozzle. It includes a compressor and a spray gun, operates when plugged into an A/C socket. It is suitable to paint on your own, or as a business of waterproofing, painting and protecting any surface. Choosing an electric spray gun, it is important to pay attention to the operating parts of the device. The needle and nozzle should be made of metal, which will provide for a long and reliable work of the spray gun.

The other type of the spray guns is a pressure feed spray gun. To operate, a pressure feed spray gun requires an air compressor with oil water separator and air pressure regulator. The problem of compressed air equipment is in the heavy and massive air compressor, which is very inconvenient to move. Buying a long air hose may be a good way out. To paint with Aqua, LVLP and HVLP pressure feed spray guns with 2.0-3.0 nozzle and upper tank are suitable. Air pressure on the regulator is set to 2 bars.

For reliable work of equipment, after each painting job a spray gun should be disassembled and thoroughly cleaned in solvent.

What is the consumption of Aqua?

Dempinox Aqua is a liquid film-forming material, the more of it is applied to the surface, the thicker and more reliable the seamless waterproof film creates. It is recommended to apply from 300g to one liter per square meter. The amount of the material required directly depends on the place and way of use of the polymer film, e.g., a film for pool should be tough, resistant to different types of mechanical impact of brushes, pool maintenance equipment, footwear, water pressure. To create a reliable impact-resistant film which will serve long years under pool operation conditions it is necessary to apply one liter of the polymer per one square meter. It is not uncommon when quality waterproofing is required alone, without impact and friction protection, in which case the amount of material applied can be reduced to 500-300 g per square meter. For example, this consumption suits perfectly to protect exterior wall of the building from direct exposure to water from roof drains, to waterproof a roof of a building, or to saturate wooden furniture used outdoors all year round.

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