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The uniqueness of Aqua polymer coating consists in solving the issues of waterproofing and decorating of any object in an integrated manner.

Let’s review the process of waterproofing application using the example of pool creating.

Once the concrete basin cured, one can start finishing the pool.

Decorating the pool

Dempinox easily copes with the task of applying floor marks and lane dividing lines. To apply marking, you will need Aqua of the proper color, e.g., dark blue, as well as masking tape and a roller. Measure and mark the places of the future lane lines, their shape, width, and number. Line the contour of future lane lines with a masking tape. Apply Aqua with a roller until the main color does not show through. Having applied the final coat, the tape should be removed right after, when the lines are still wet. The pool is fully functional in 24 hours.

Company’s logo on the floor or wall of the commercial pool is a must-have for the successful business. To apply a logo with Aqua one needs a stencil and masking tape. Secure a stencil with masking tape to a chosen spot in the pool, and then carefully apply Aqua with a roller. The stencil is taken off right after painting, while the final coat is still wet. Once applied, the logo becomes solid with the main coating of the pool.

Fixing Aqua polymer coating

Dempinox Aqua creates an impact-resistant elastic coating deeply penetrating the concrete and becoming integral with it. In case one still managed to damage the coating, fixing it up is very simple.