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Earn with Aqua

There are lots of variants to establish your own business, the majority of them are related to investments and undue risks. Dempinox Company offers cooperation without risks and investments, having created a unique product that in an integrated manner solves problems of lots of people: those of waterproofing and finishing pools, swimming ponds, man-made lakes and streams, house roofs, bathhouses, showers, walls and foundations.  

Our partner’s main task is distributing and applying Dempinox Aqua. Profits on distributing Aqua polymer waterproofing start at 10% and increase depending on purchase volume. Dealer terms are negotiated with each partner personally.

Profits on applying Dempinox polymer start at €5 per square meter of material applied at the rate of one liter per one square meter.

The painting surface area of a moderate pool in the private backyard is, on average, 100 square meters. Application takes one day.

Waterproofing of a pool does not require special equipment, as Aqua can be applied with a roller or spray gun.

The pool basin is thoroughly cleaned from construction debris and dust. First, the walls are painted, coating by coating, with flash-offs of 30 minutes between coating applications. An average consumption is one liter of Dempinox per one square meter of a pool. Then the floor is painted, and finally the steps. The profits on painting a moderate pool in the private backyard start at €500 plus the profit on selling the material required for this pool.

Aqua is completely ready to apply. Looking forward for you to join us.