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Having a pool in your house’s yard is a spoil of healthy lifestyle and affluence, that is why everything related to constructing and maintaining a pool costs a lot.

To construct a pool, an ideal place should be chosen where within a few days a ground excavation for the hole is performed, a drainage system and pool technology shafts are set, exterior walls are formed, steel frame is installed and the floor is flooded with concrete, and then with the formwork boards inner walls and steps of the future pool are formed and flooded with concrete. These stages of pool construction are compulsory, and there is no reasonable alternative to it.

After the concrete construction is formed and set, the pool owner faces the issue of waterproofing and finishing. This is the most expensive, laborious and critical part of pool construction, which further will either simplify or complicate the process of keeping and maintaining the pool.

Modern market of personal or commercial pool construction offers two technologies of pool waterproofing and finishing: archaic tiling the pool, or applying a PVC liner.

Tiling the pool with tiles or mosaics

Tiling the pool is a complicated and critical process having some preparatory stages.

  1. setting cord for cold joints
  2. setting tape for expansion joints
  3. priming
  4. installing a mesh, furring, applying adhesive with a dented trowel
  5. applying leveling compounds, plastering
  6. installing membrane waterproofing
  7. installing fiberglass mesh
  8. applying waterproofing
  9. applying water-resistant tile adhesive
  10. laying the tiles
  11. removing adhesive from tiles and joints
  12. applying water-resistant grout into joints between tiles

Twelve point expense list for construction materials and specialists’ work required because of outdated and impractical technologies. The cost of finishing the pool basin with mosaics observing all the rules of pool construction starts at $80 per square meter, 20% of the amount is an overspend on tile cut-offs. Tiling the pool basin may take from two weeks to a month depending on the size and shape complexities of the concrete basin.

Apart from huge cost, a tiled pool shows a list of problems:


Installing PVC Liner in a Swimming Pool

Finishing the pool with liner is a modern, practical and cost-efficient variant that requires less preparatory processes, less money, is quicker to install and operate compared to tiling.

  1. Plastering concrete basin (the surface of the concrete should be perfectly smooth)
  2. Painting with waterproof paint
  3. Installing geotextile
  4. Installing a coping track
  5. Installing cleat angles on the steps
  6. Cutting the lining into panels 
  7. Welding the seams between the PVC lining panels
  8. Heat welding of the liner to a coping track
  9. Applying sealant to the seams

Liner is a good variant to waterproof and decorate the pool which back in the day was an innovative technology that replaced classic tiling of the pool, eliminating a number of serious problems in creating and maintaining a pool. For the sake of cost-cutting and simplifying the process of building and maintaining a pool, the owners have to bear with some disadvantages of lining.

If the groundwater is close to the surface in the yard with swimming pool, you will have to reject the PVC lining. The groundwater will saturate through the concrete and fill the space between lining and concrete, and this will quickly destroy the concrete and the pool in general.

Finishing a pool with Aqua polymer

Dempinox Company has been studying the issue of decorative waterproofing for more than 10 years, and it has succeeded a lot. Aqua innovative polymer coating is a step to the future when one person within one day can create a decorative waterproof coating in their pool, without special knowledge, experience, and tools, having only one universal material.

Aqua is a unique coating applied in a liquid form to any surface with a roller or spray gun. When dried, it transforms into a powerful impact-resistant waterproof seamless film following any shape of the surface it is applied to. The dried film is resistant to ultraviolet, chlorine, alkali, salt, antibacterial chemicals, cuts and impacts. Aqua hydrophobicity prevents lime and salt buildups which algae and bacteria flourish in, and that prevents quick pool contamination. Aqua’s wide palette allows bringing any design to life.

Process of applying of Aqua polymer coating when creating a pool:

Dempinox Aqua has solved the problems of its predecessors, having improved the technologies of finishing, keeping and maintaining a pool, having narrowed the procedure of waterproofing to only one process. There is no need to overpay to specialists for performing dozens of stages any more, for construction materials and their transportation to the site, for operating expensive equipment, and, the most important, there is no need to wait long months until they finish tiling the pool, and it can be finally tried.

Dempinox Aqua is an ideal solution for waterproofing and decorating pools, swimming ponds, man-made lakes and streams, landscape objects, fountains. It is also used for waterproofing the house roofs, walls and basements, foundations, bathhouses, saunas, plunge pools, public showers and any types of water facilities.