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  Classic painting of the whole car to be clear-coated

      - Preparing for and painting the car both take more than two working weeks, leaving you without a vehicle, but with a pressing issue of how to get from point A to point B and not to waste half a day on that, or it exposes you to huge taxi expenditures;

      - The cost of painting exceeds €2,000;

      - Dismantling of the whole car, together with removing its interior; the risk to damage or lose fasteners due to assembly faults resulting in interior squeaks and rattles;

      - The quality of the clear coat used at the service station and the processes of application significantly compromise to those at the factory, and thus, serve shorter;

      - The saddest thing among the above-mentioned is that in half a year the surface of the clear coat will be covered with scratches and chips, and in about a year old rust spots will start to show through;

      - Repairing the lacquer and paint coat includes dismantling the part, removing the old clear coat, pre-sanding, priming and painting of the whole part; you will be asked to leave your car for three days and pay about €200 for refinishing of one part;

      - Do not expect it will be covered by warranty, as no one allegedly is secured from the chip, which will immediately cause corrosion of the body element, and you are going to the service station again, remembering the number of a taxi service.

 Vinyl film car wrap.

      - Preparing the car and applying the film to the car take one working week;

      - The cost and the quality of the wrap depend on the film producer. For example, to wrap the car with an original film produced by 3M starts from $1,500;

      - Application of the car-wrap is impossible without dismantling the whole car, together with the risk of assembly faults resulting in interior squeaks and rattles;

      - The car-wrap is hard and absolutely non-elastic, it is not repairable when damaged. In general, the detailers take off the whole damaged element and then apply a new one. Thus, you pay three times: first, to remove old vinyl film, then for the new piece of the film and for the application of that same piece of vinyl. Such repair will take at least two days and cost not less than $100. 

      - The car-wrap is considered to be a removable protective coating. Apart from a few top companies, whose film costs not less than $40 per meter, after heating, normal wear and removing the film, there remains an adhesive residue, which cannot always be cleaned off completely. It’s not unusual when the adhesive penetrates the clear coat, and the latter cannot be restored up to its original appearance without buffing.

      - If you want to change the color or renew the appearance of your PVC wrapped car, you will have to pay for removal of the old film, cleaning off the adhesive residue, the cost of vinyl removal starts from € 300, then you have to buy a new film and pay to wrap the whole car.

The above-mentioned technologies work, but they are obsolete. Preparation, time of application, price, maintenance, repair – nowadays, all of these parameters are lengthy, costly, impractical and outdated. Technologies evolve, solving the problems of car body protection and maintenance in an integrated manner.

Painting and protecting the car with Dempinox composite.

Dempinox is a polymer coating that has taken the painting and maintaining the car body to a whole new level. The composite boasts a wide color palette, is applied to the body in a liquid form, and while drying, transforms into a durable elastic film that all year round protects the body from rust and corrosion, effect of salt, alkali, ultraviolet rays, water and oxygen. Under Dempinox, factory paint and clear coat is protected from chips, scratches and minor hits. The cost of painting the car with Dempinox is by far less than the one of standard painting or car film wrap.

Benefits of a Polymer Coating

      1. Protecting the Body from Rust. Chips and scratches ruin the integrity of the car coating, exposing the metal to salts, alkalis, acids, oxygen, water and ultraviolet rays, which leads to metal rust. Dempinox creates a dense elastic film that takes on all hits, chips and scratches, conserves the body of the car, its original clear and paint coat together with current chips and rust, putting on hold all the processes of metal decay and corrosion.
      2. Elasticity of the Coating. Usual car paint by its properties is like an eggshell, when hit or indented it cracks and breaks into small pieces because of the lack of elasticity. Dempinox is an elastic thermal resistant polymer able to stretch up to 480%. It creates a film on the body which is easily adjustable to any extreme conditions, dramatic temperature swings, still preserving its appearance and protective properties.
      3. Painting the Car in One Day. Leaving your car for painting always causes troubles, not only of financial nature, but also in your time management, using public transport or a taxi, as well as it leads to numerous phone calls to the service station for two, or sometimes even three weeks. One of the Dempinox unique features is that the whole car painting takes exactly 24 hours. 
      4. Do-It-Yourself Car Painting. Having studied the instruction on Dempinox composite coating application, you will be able to easily paint your car on your own in the garage saving the funds a service center would bill.
      5. Easy Repair. When choosing the way to paint and protect your car, you should consider the options to repair and the cost of such for a coating at a choice. The majority of the body coatings is not repairable and requires a complete refinishing or re-applying the whole body element which results in significant financial expenses. Dempinox allows a local repair, thus saving your time and significantly reducing expenses on car body maintenance.
      6. Antigravel Film. The main damagers of the factory car body coat are the stones on the road, branches of trees and bushes wherever you find them, and a so-called sandblasting of dust, sand and small stones which at high speed constantly grind your car’s clear coat. Dempinox creates a polymer antigravel film on your car’s body protecting original clear and paint coat of the car from hits, chips and scratches.
      7. Wide Palette. Any protection properties, easy usage, nice price cost nothing without a beautiful appearance. Dempinox palette includes more than 80 colors. In addition to basic colors, there are pearl, metallic, luminescent, chameleon, fluorescent colors, color shades. Dempinox will modernize your car, add a unique and beautiful touch, emphasize your style, and bring attention of the people around you.
      8. Removable Coating. Dempinox composite is applied in a liquid form, while drying it transforms into an elastic protective film that can be removed from the car at any time within two hours. This unique option allows you to experiment with the color of the car, at the same time preserving and protecting its original clear and paint coat. After a removal of the composite film the customers point out that the body preserves same condition it had before painting, and they note as well that the corrosion elements existing before painting look as if they were conserved under Dempinox coating.
      9. Affordable Price. Dempinox polymer protective coating belongs to a premium segment. The goal of the company is to make an expensive car tuning and painting affordable for everyone. A whole car painting with Dempinox costs four times less than classic painting and twice less than a film wrap.

Appearance of the car under Dempinox protection.

Protection and painting car wheels.

With the revolutionary Dempinox composite coating you can easily paint both chrome and alloy wheels into any, even the boldest color, because the resulting film can be removed at any time, and the painted details will get their original appearance. Car wheels require maximum protection against salt, alkali, and scratches that destroy chrome and aluminum within a few years, especially in the regions where chemicals are used on the road in winter. Dempinox combines both protective and decorative properties, emphasizes the style of the car, can be easily repaired, does not require surface pre-sanding before painting, and allows a do-it-yourself painting without removing the wheels from the car.

Detailing, painting the decorative elements of the body

Many cars are decorated with chrome elements, grilles, emblems, moldings. Time passes, tastes and tendencies change, and there are more and more car owners who would prefer to take off chrome details, repaint them into a matte black color to emphasize the color of the body and point the car out among others. However, there is a problem – any car will have to be sold eventually, and having painted expensive chrome details, you will have to spend more time looking for a client with the same preferences. Dempinox has solved the issue of painting chrome details. With this composite you can easily protect and repaint every detail into any color by yourself, and when needed – just remove Dempinox as a film, returning a factory appearance to the car at no cost.