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 Dempinox Company created conditions to organize business in the area of car painting, body protection, and protective coating maintenance.


In order to open your business, you need to find a place where you will be able to paint cars. A space 5 by 8 meters would be just fine. If you don’t have your own space, you can lease it. It may be a garage, a warehouse or a part of a service station.

 Requirements to the place:

  1. Good light. The lamps should be on the ceiling and on the walls along the perimeter.
  2. Ventilation. Air extractor is a must. Evacuating vapors of the solvent, air extractor speeds up composite drying and improves the working environment.
  3. Heating. Recommended operational temperature to paint the car with Dempinox composite is in the range from +18°C to +24°C. If in your region the temperature drops below recommended values, a heater should be installed.
  4. Compressor. You can paint a car in two ways: with an electric paint sprayer or with a professional compressed air spray gun. For a compressed air spray gun it is necessary to install an air compressor with the volume of 100 liters.


There are two types of equipment for painting with Dempinox composite: an electric paint sprayer, e.g., Earlex-2900. Its price does not exceed $150, it is a cost-saving option to start a business. It does quite a good painting job, gets powered from AC line socket, and does not require any additional equipment; or a compressed air spray gun, e.g., Devilbis. Its price starts from $150. It is more of professional equipment, and it needs an air compressor ($200) to work. With the compressed air spray gun you can provide a professional level of car painting services.



The amount of composite you need to apply to the car depends upon the body space. To obtain a quality coating it is necessary to apply one liter of composite per square meter. It is recommended to add 20% of branded thinner to the composite, this consistency will make the coating as smooth as a film. The table below provides recommended Dempinox composite consumption per various vehicle classes. 


Dempinox composite is supplied in the following packages: 1 liter, 10 liters and 20 liters; thinner: 1 liter and 5 liters. Dempinox palette includes basic colors, pearl, metallic, fluorescent, chameleon and luminescent colors. You can review the Dempinox palette here.



A whole-car painting with Dempinox composite takes one day. It is very easy to apply, the car can be painted even by your mom. Before you start painting the car, practice on any part. Painting guidelines:

  1. Wash the car
  2. Degrease
  3. Mask the windscreens, lamps, windows and moldings with painter’s tape and paper
  4. Apply Dempinox coat by coat spreading the planned composite
  5. Right after painting remove the tape and paper

A detailed Dempinox composite application instruction can be found here



So, you have got where and what to paint with, the final thing is to find clients. Create a group in social network popular in your region, fill it with pictures, composite description, painting process, protective properties and characteristics, include your prices for both a whole-car and one detail painting, add your friends. Place your offer on local online advertising boards. If possible, set up a site adding pictures of your projects there. Our marketing specialists will provide you with necessary assistance in searching for clients, but the main job is with you!