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Whole-car painting and antigravel protection of a brand new car

Why should one paint a brand new car? Modern clear coat that protects the car body is very thin and vulnerable. When the clear coat is chipped or damaged in any other way, the body metal stays unprotected, exposed to water, ultraviolet rays, oxygen, and road chemicals, all of them lead it to rusting immediately. In addition to body destruction, chips and scratches influence the aesthetics of the whole car, when both pride and resale value are lost, making resale a more complicated process. Dempinox polymer composite is applied onto a clear coat in a liquid form, and while drying, it transforms into an elastic durable high-impact film that protects reliably the clear coat from chips and scratches, and the body in general from destruction. A wide palette of the composite will provide a qualitative emphasis to your car on any roads. The best part is that the Dempinox protective film is removable, which means you can peel it off the body at any given moment by hand, without any traces, and the factory clear coat stays intact.

Painting and protection of a used car

An aged car definitely possesses a whole list of small clear coat damages, rust stains, and a worn-out appearance because of the scratches. Painting the whole car with classic paint or wrapping it with a film are costly projects and they do not solve the main issue of body preservation. Dempinox composite resolves all main tasks and problems of a used car body maintenance and service.

- The whole-car painting takes one day and modernizes the car’s appearance

- The palette of more than 90 unique colors

- Protection of the clear coat against chips, scratches, effect of salts, alkalis and road chemicals

- Metal conservation, protection from corrosion and rust for body elements

- Painting a whole automobile will cost no more than €400

- Possibility to paint your car on your own for €200

- Easy repair of the coating at no cost within a few hours

- At any moment the Dempinox film can be removed from the body by hand

Protection, painting and preparing an off-roader for the expedition

An AWD vehicle is designed to travel over rough terrain, off-road, over the forest, sand, mud and gravel. Unfortunately, factory clear and paint coat is not intended for aggressive use, it quickly gets scratched and worn-out, the body gets rusted and loses its aesthetics. Dempinox composite is the most practical and cost-effective solution for painting and protection of the jeep’s body. This elastic impact-resistant film easily copes with strokes and hits of tree branches and stones. Jeep painting takes one day and creates a unique appearance locking all the eyes on it. A jeep can be painted on your own in any warm place, the process of application does not require dismantling an off-road vehicle and pre-sanding the clear coat, the resulting film can be removed from the body at any moment using composite as a temporary protective coating. The polymer film is resistant to extreme temperature swings from -80°С to +240°С, easily fixable in the field, a damaged place should be degreased and touched-up with the composite. It reliably protects aluminum from corrosion. Its high elasticity allows painting and protecting the springs in the chassis of an off-road vehicle. The Dempinox film is applied in a liquid form, it easily takes any shapes and allows painting and protecting grilles, external lights, winches, bull bars, pipes and safety cages. The composite is widely used by professional athletes in 4x4 off-road competitions to prepare expedition vehicles, as well as to prepare a car for hunting or fishing adventures.

Painting and protection of commercial vehicles 

For the company in possession of its own vehicle fleet, painting, maintenance and repair of the bodies of their vehicles cause huge expenditures. What does a company that painted all their vehicles with the Dempinox composite get?

- A reliable protection of their vehicles’ bodies from chips, scratches, minor hits, ultraviolet exposure, extreme temperature swings, water, oxygen, alkalis, acids, road chemicals, corrosion, rust and destruction of the body.

- A protected body multiplies the term of useful life of a commercial vehicle.

- Painting of a whole commercial vehicle takes one day, reducing to minimal the losses of vehicle downtime.

- The cost of painting a whole passenger car does not exceed €350 which is in average 5 times less than classic painting.

- The car can be painted on your own in any place, and large companies benefit from it, hiring a specialist into its staff to paint all their vehicles.

- Fixing a composite film takes a few hours that allows returning the vehicle back to work on the same day.

- It’s an easy, practical and cost-effective way to unify all vehicles into one style at no additional expenses. The possibility to remove the film from the vehicle allows unifying of leased cars as well.

- Easy application of any advertising slogans, logos, contact information, having one stencil for the whole fleet, at no time and money expenditures.

Everyday time and cost saving, reliable body protection, increased useful life of vehicles, simplicity of branding, possibility to engage and operate unified leased vehicles, and a lot more – all these promoted Dempinox company to become a reliable partner for many enterprises, taxi services, transportation companies, car rental firms, commercial carriers, delivery services, private entrepreneurs and large companies.

Painting a truck cab

Freight transportation is the most heavily operated vehicles running millions of kilometers. Everyday downtime of a freight vehicle being repaired costs hundreds of euros. The whole truck cab painting with the composite takes one day, covering it with a protective film of any color from Dempinox palette. The truck can be painted on your own in any warm clean place, the process of application does not require truck dismantling and pre-sanding of the clear coat. The composite film reliably protects the body from chips, scratches, road chemicals, corrosion and rust, significantly increasing the useful life of the truck’s body. Damage can be fixed on your own at no expense, on the road within one hour.

 Painting a quad bike

This composite film has gained wide popularity with the owners of quad bikes, as quads are mainly used over rough terrains, off-road, in forests, bogs, over sand dunes, thus the paint coat on the quad is destroyed immediately, exposing the body elements to rust. Painting a whole quad bike with classic paint is expensive and useless, as in a few days of active riding it will not look better than the old coat. Polymer composite is a liquid film, in order to apply it you do not need to dismantle a quad bike, you just need to degrease the body in a dry warm place, mask elements you are not going to paint with paper, and apply composite to the body with spray-gun at the rate of one liter per square meter. The possibility to paint the quad bike on your own reduces your expenses to €50, the damage can be fixed in the field at no cost, having 200 g of composite in store. Dempinox film is resistant to effect of sand, gravel, strokes of tree branches, extreme temperature swings. Quad bike rental companies distinguish Dempinox protective coating among others for easiness of painting and fixing, possibility to unify all their vehicles at no additional cost, and if need be – to sell or rebrand the vehicles, as the film can be easily removed. They also notice that the issue of vehicle downtime and losses related to body and painting work is completely resolved.

Painting a motorcycle

A biker is a creative, free-spirit person, whose bike often becomes a canvas for them. The only obstacles may be a high cost of the whole-bike repainting, and a compulsory dismantling of the motorcycle. The composite solved this problem giving amateur riders a possibility to bring any design into reality at a low price, quickly and without motorcycle dismantling. Dempinox is widely used among motorcycle sportsmen, stunters, freeriders and fans of classic. For some people this is an issue of cost saving and a possibility to paint their bike on their own, while for others it is a way to improve and protect their motorcycle.

Military equipment

The military is not the type of people who care too much about the aesthetic appearance of their equipment, but still there are some properties of the composite they are deeply interested in:

- Matt coating is excellent at absorbing light and possesses antireflective properties allowing the equipment remain undetected.

- The possibility to paint any equipment in the field by an ordinary spray-gun within one day, without dismantling and pre-sanding the body

- Creating any camouflage pattern with the composite and painter’s tape 

- Easiness of seasonal camouflage repainting of the equipment

- Fixing the damages in the field with a simple touch-up

- Powerful adhesion allows applying composite to any surface including metal, glass, wood, rubber, chrome, paint and clear coats, fabric.

- Painting, water-proofing and camouflage of the canopies for off-road vehicles, and covers for trucks.

 Painting car wheels

An entire appearance of the car depends upon the condition and design of the wheels. Car wheels are constantly exposed to sand, gravel, road chemicals, direct contact with mud, water, salt and snow, triggering corrosion and rust on aluminum, alloy and metal wheels within two or three years. Wheels can occasionally be sandblasted and repainted spending more than €100 every time, or you can on your own paint them once with Dempinox protective coating into any color, spending €20 on the project, or addressing it to the specialists. Perfect adhesion even with the chrome allows experimenting with the vehicle’s appearance emphasizing either its aggressiveness or sportiness.  

Remove chrome

Why do car owners want to remove chrome? The majority of modern cars are decorated with chrome plated elements, while wishing to distinguish their car among others, many car enthusiasts are looking for a way to remove chrome. The issue is that chrome plated elements are very expensive and constitute an integral part of a model range, removing which makes the future reselling of the car quite a complicated thing. Dempinox has solved this problem creating a removable film that is applied in a liquid form. While drying it takes any shape, perfectly adheres to chrome without any glue, protecting it afterwards from chips, scratches, road chemicals and corrosion. At any moment Dempinox film can be removed from the car on your own, returning its factory appearance.

Painting a radiator grille

A radiator grille is one of the most vulnerable car parts, taking the impact of everything coming from the opposite direction – gravel, sand, mud, and insects. Frequently, a radiator grille within a few years is covered with chips, scratches and rust spots on the chrome or paint coat. You can protect, paint and restore the grille without dismantling it from the car with the help of Dempinox polymer composite which is applied in a liquid form creating a seamless antigravel impact-resistant film. The palette of the composite consisting of more than 90 colors allows an easy transformation of the car appearance.