Unmasking the Car  

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The main thing you should know about unmasking the car after painting with Dempinox composite is that the masking tape should be removed when the coat is still wet, right after the final coat is applied. The coat is considered wet for no more than 2 minutes after its application, at the temperature in the booth of no higher than +24°C. Don’t be in a rush when removing the tape, try not to pull up the wet coating. Paint once more the edges that dried a little before unmasking, wait for 20 seconds for the new coat to penetrate preceding ones and continue unmasking the car. If the rules of masking were strictly followed, unmasking will take 20 minutes. If you pulled up or damaged the edge of the coat when peeling off the tape, it is easy to fix. Take a small artist brush which you used earlier applying Heavy Layer, dip it into Dempinox used to paint the car and carefully touch up the damaged edge. If you removed some car parts, it is recommended to put them back to their places in an hour after the car was unmasked, to let the coating dry and gain strength.